About LSLA

Is a tuition-free charter school that provides every Kindergarten-5th grade child the opportunity to be challenged and educated with a level of rigor and engagement that meets their individual needs. Every teacher is highly qualified and attends ongoing professional development to expand their level of teacher efficacy and continue to provide students an education using research based, best practices. LSLA provides students with an innovative twenty-first century learning experience, foreign language programs, and a highly engaging, structured after-school program. It is our belief that with our students, their parents, and our community, together we will create an educational environment of excellence where every child succeeds.

LSLA provides innovative classrooms; every student is provided a Chromebook, classrooms are equipped with Mimio boards, all curriculum includes a technology component and a consumable workbook web based for at home access. Students are provided curriculum that is challenging, engaging, student centered and student facilitated.

Discovery Education is an interactive science curriculum that emphasizes STEM. It is not about just teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, it is a culture that needs to be cultivated to help create a problem-solving, creative, critical-thinking workforce for tomorrow. Through the digital resources, all students are engaged in authentic learning that connects STEM with all subject areas.



Coach Amy Carrera

After School Coordinator

Ms. Janet Agutu

Special Education Department

Ms. Krissia Rodarte

Receptionist/Attendance Clerk

Ms. Jamie Vella


Dr. Brance Barker

Interim Superintendent

Ms. Priscila Carrera

Dean of Operations/ PEIMS Coordinator/ Request for Public Information
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